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Swing Barrier Gate - Malaysia
Application:Commercial Buildings Access Control Project in Malaysia
Turnstile Gate:Swing Barrier Gates
Access Control System:Face recognition + Temperature detection

Our Malaysian customer bought 118 swing barrier gates and 59 temperature-measuring face cameras, which were installed on their project. These devices are used to block the entry of high-temperature personnel and unauthorized personnel. Both our gates and face cameras can provide SDK development and report to customers, so that their hardware and software can be connected to our equipment. At the same time, we have a strong R&D team, able to communicate with customers' engineers. In the current period of this project, customers found that the regular SDK we provided was written in VC++, but their engineers could only write in python, so they asked us for help. To this end, our team of engineers specially write demos in python language for customers, so as to help them successfully complete the project programming.

In this project, the customer chose our MS03B optical swing barrier gate and MS2.0FR face recognition and temperature measurement camera.MS03B is an swing barrier gate that can provide fast traffic at a favorable price.
Why choose MS03B swing barrier gate?
Here are some features:

1.600-900mm wide passageway available
Width of passageway can be customized base on your project needs, for transport of materials, wheelchairs users or shopping trolleys, it can provides wide lane of 900mm.
2.Rainproof and dustproof design
With SUS304 stainless steel and IP65, MS03B is an excellent solution for exterior applicaion where needs high safety and user comfort.
3.Customized led light guidance
Both of the front light and swing glass light can be customized tailed to your projects. Such as, blue light for standby,green for passing status and red for alert. Support using other colors. It offers alerts visually and auditory which improve user friendlyness.

Why need face recognition camera with temperature detection?
The covid-19 epidemic began to break out in early 2020, and it quickly swept across the world, seriously threatening people's lives and health, affecting the order of production and life in various countries, and having a huge impact on the global financial market. As the epidemic continues to spread, the global economy may fall into recession.
(The following data updated by google in 14/07/2021)

In order to prevent and control the further spread of the new crown epidemic, countries have adopted corresponding measures in accordance with their national conditions, systems, and medical foundations.

Face recognition temperature measurement can bring the following benefits:
1. Quickly measure temperature and improve efficiency
Use thermal imaging for body temperature screening, through the thermal imager (non-contact method) to initially detect the surface temperature of the human body, and quickly screen for abnormal temperature targets;
2. High accuracy and fast measurement;
It only takes 0.2 seconds to quickly measure the temperature, and the temperature measurement accuracy is as high as 99.8%.
3. Real-time voice alarm
Prompt and voice alarm for abnormalities in detected body temperature, and prompt relevant personnel for further processing;
4. Identity verification, quick docking and deployment
It can quickly lock the identities of persons with abnormal body temperature, and do a good job in pre-warning, in-event processing, and post-event tracking;
5. Reduce operating costs
Non-contact temperature measurement reduces the cost of safe operation, conducts preliminary temperature screening of the tested personnel, and saves manpower and equipment resources;
6. Flexible deployment
The temperature measurement program is diversified to meet the needs of various scenarios.