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Swing barrier gates-Commercial building, India
Application: Commercial building, India
Turnstile Gate:Swing barrier gates (P gates)
Access Control System:RFID card

One of our old customers from India received a project this time, which required the installation of pedestrian turnstiles for the entrance and exit of commercial buildings. Considering the large flow of employees working in the building and the number of people visiting each day, the customer chose MS06B swing barrier gates as it provides higher throughput. There are 4 channels at the entrance and exit, and totally 16 pcs swing barriers. The width of the passage is 900mm, which can be used for both normal people and disabled people.
In order to ensure more stable operation of the equipment and provide a longer service life, we provide customers with a brushless anti-collision solution. The unique anti-collision mechanical design of the movement will prevent the movement from being damaged even if an unauthorized person uses violence to force the door to open the door. After the violence disappears, the swing arm will automatically reset, and normal use can be resumed without manual intervention and adjustment.