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Tripod turnstile-Library, Japan
Application:Library, Japan
Turnstile Gate:Tripod turnstile + swing barrier gate
Access Control System:RFID

This time the Japanese customer chosed three lanes of tripod turnstiles and a one lane of swing gate. The tirpod turnstile is cost-effective and easy to install, offers 550mm lane width. The unique pass structure can effectively prevent trailing, allow only one person pass at a time.Thus, the customer adds another swing gate channel, which is optional for 600-1200mm, so it is often used to carry luggage, strollers or transport materials.

How does a tripod turnstile work?

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What makes tripod turnstile popular?

1. Advanced movement runs smoothly, tripod turnstile has soft buffering, no running noise, and no mechanical shock;
2. The surface of the movement is electroplated with yellow dichromic acid, which is rust-proof and durable;
3. The whole machine is thickened with stainless steel box, beautiful in appearance, sturdy and durable;
4. With the function of automatic pole drop after power failure, it can meet the special needs of users and fire safety requirements;
5. Has a personalized installation interface (convenient to integrate magnetic cards, barcode cards, ID cards, IC cards and other read-write devices);
6. Tripod turnstile has a variety of working modes to choose from, and can be set to one-way or two-way control;
7. Standard configuration of a pair of pass indication function, prompting the working status of the channel;
8. With a unified and standard external electrical interface, the scenic tripod turnstile can be freely docked with various reading and writing equipment, which is convenient for system integration;