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Tripod turnstile-Music Carnival, Germany
Application:Music Carnival, Germany
Turnstile Gate:Tripod turnstile
Access Control System:People counting&capacity limited system

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the German government calls on the number of participants in private gatherings and celebrations to not exceed the specified number. The German customer bought our MS01G tripod turnstile and installed them at the entrance and exit of the event to limit people occupancy inside the event site. Once the number of people exceeds the maximum value, users are not allowed to enter until someone leaves the venue before being allowed to enter again.

The people counting&occupancy limit system developed by macrosafe design to set the number of people aindependently according to the occasion. Once the number of people in the venue reaches the set maximum value, users are not allowed to enter only after someone leave. At the same time the software supports to monitor Occupancy & Traffic in Real-Time. It is highly recommend for retail Chains, shopping malls, libraries & museums, supermarkets, events & exhibitions.