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Wing gate-Goverment building, Korea
Application:Goverment building,Korea
Turnstile Gate:Sliding gate(wing gate)
Access Control System:RFID card

In the early communication, the client informed that the access control gate will be installed in the government building, which requires high security, while also taking into account the aesthetics and user-friendliness. For this reason, Macrosafe's pre-sales engineers recommended our MS05S sliding barrier gate to customers.

The sliding gate is an upgraded product of the flap gate, its high glass panels can effectively prevent pedestrians from climbing over or crawling from below. The appearance of the equipment is stamped and formed by stainless steel plate, which is beautiful in appearance, rust-proof and durable, and adopts standard electrical interfaces to the outside. It can be easily integrated with various access control equipment to provide a civilized and orderly way of passage for personnel entering and exiting. It can prevent illegal personnel from entering and exiting; in case of emergency, ensure that the passage is unblocked and facilitate the evacuation of personnel in time.

What are the characteristics of sliding gates?
1. Stronger security:
Due to the higher glass wing, it can effectively prevent pedestrians from climbing up and down from illegal passage. ;
2. Faster throughput:
the traffic speed is faster, similar to the Yuantao intelligent wing gate;
3. Wider pass-lane:
the channel width is between the three-roller gate and the swing gate, generally between 550mm-900mm;
4. Anti-panic mode:
In an emergency, the gate wing will be quickly retracted into the box, which can easily form a barrier-free passage, increase the speed of passage, and facilitate the evacuation of pedestrians.