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What benefits does the pedestrian gate provide us?

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Update time : 2021-04-26 14:04:00
With the advancement and development of social science and technology, more and more communities have installed pedestrian gates to realize the diversion management of pedestrian and vehicular flow. As a kind of pedestrian passage management equipment, the main function of community pedestrian gates is to screen owners and The visitor's identity registration plays an irreplaceable role in the management of the entrance and exit of the pedestrian passage.

Pedestrian gates are used in various fields. Whenever it is applied to personnel access, the personnel access authority can be set for personnel access management through face recognition, IC and ID swiping, fingerprint, two-dimensional code, etc. With the rapid development of urbanization and information management, large cities have a large number of migrants, and the requirements for safety in places such as transportation, work, games and entertainment are also getting higher and higher, especially on the entry and exit issues that are closely related to personnel. , The standardized management of places with a large flow of people has a high degree of difficulty, low efficiency, high manual management costs, and large data collection.
Common community gates are pedestrian passage wing gates, pedestrian passage swing gates, pedestrian passage speed gates, and general communities are willing to choose pedestrian passage wing gates and pedestrian passage swing gates. It is economical and affordable. It needs to be installed and used indoors and outdoors, and easily integrated with all kind of access control system,such as face recognition, RFID card, fingerprint,etc.
When selecting community gates, select the corresponding community pedestrian gates according to the implementation environment of the community. For example: when the flow of people in the community is not too large and the requirements for safety are high, choose full-height turnstiles. If the speed is required, you can choose sidewalk wing gates. Therefore, when choosing the pedestrian access gates in the community, the actual situation of the community and the advantages of various types of pedestrian access gates can be combined to make the selection.
When the epidemic has not really ended, the community property needs to ensure the safety of the residents in the community, and at the same time, the safety precaution ability through the pedestrian passage gates of the community is also a trend.