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What is slim swing gate?

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Update time : 2021-07-22 02:22:37
Slim swing gate is named after its slim cabinet. With only 185mm compact design, it can be applied to more places with limited space. The slim swing gate produced by Shenzhen Macrosafe Technology Co., Ltd is an intelligent channel management equipment independently developed, developed and produced. The slim swing gate is controlled by mechanical transmission and circuit board, as well as the lighting effect. The slim swing gate is exquisite and beautiful. The appearance and excellent performance are very suitable for use in some high-end places, such as restaurants, hotels, clubs, stadiums and museums.

When Shenzhen Macrosafe Technology Co., Ltd. produced the slim swing gate, according to the international standards of dustproof, moisture-proof and waterproof, the use of the slim swing gate can make the flow of people through the passage more orderly. Compared with the ordinary swing gate, the chassis of the entire product of slim swing gate is made of 304 stainless steel laser cutting, and then formed by CNC bending, which is beautiful in appearance and decent. The system of Slim swing gate adopts a standard quick plug-in electronic interface, which can integrate a variety of reading and writing devices, etc., which can conveniently read and write equipment such as bar codes, two-dimensional codes, ID cards, IC cards, and face recognition. Integrated on this device, it can provide an orderly and civilized way for people entering and exiting, and can prevent illegal people from entering. In order to meet the requirements of fire-fighting passages, a dedicated fire-fighting button interface is provided in the slim swing gate system so that in case of emergency,swing panels of slim swing gate can be opened to organize evacuation.
The slim swing gate is mainly used for the management of entrances and exits. Considering that the slim swing gate has a wider passage compared with the flap gate, slim swing gate is  much more suitable for pedestrians, bicycles, mopeds, wheelchairs and other non-motorized vehicles.