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metal detector gate with turnstile
Turnstile with walk-through metal detector
Turnstile with walk-through metal detector is designed to grant entry only to individuals who have been cleared by the metal detector first. 
- In this combined system, the walk-through metal detector is positioned in close proximity to the turnstile, ensuring that individuals pass through the metal detector before gaining access through the turnstile.
   - If the metal detector detects a prohibited item, it triggers an alarm and prevents the turnstile from unlocking, thereby preventing access to the secure area.
 -also, turnstile can configure access control such as biometrics or QR code scanning to allow only authorized personnel to enter for higher security.
Overall, turnstile with metal detector enhances security by screening individuals for metal objects while controlling access through the turnstile.  
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System Structure
turnstile with metal detector
Physical Design
 Includes sturdy construction, tamper-resistant materials, and a sleek and modern appearance. It should be designed to withstand heavy usage in various environments while providing a welcoming entry point.
Metal Detection Technology
Utilize advanced sensors and algorithms to accurately detect metals and metal products. It should have adjustable sensitivity levels to minimize false alarms while maintaining high detection accuracy.
 Intelligent Traffic Control
Feature intelligent traffic control mechanisms to manage the flow of individuals through the entry point. This can include bi-directional control, speed control, and anti-tailgating features to enhance security.
Integration with ACS 
Seamlessly integrate with access control systems, such as RFID readers or biometric scanners, to ensure authorized entry for individuals while preventing unauthorized access.
Alarms and Notifications
Equipped with audible and visual alarms to alert security personnel in the event of a metal detection. It also has the capability to transmit notifications to central security stations for real-time monitoring.
Customizable  Settings
 offer customizable security settings, allowing administrators to adjust parameters such as detection sensitivity, alarm thresholds, and traffic flow management based on specific security requirements.
Easy Install & Use
With easy-to-access components and user-friendly interfaces, turnstile with metal detector provides a hassle-free experience for installation, use, and maintenance. 
User-Friendly Interface
Featuring intuitive control panels, clear visual indicators, and easy-to-follow instructions for individuals passing through the entry point.
 Compliance & Certification
Meet relevant industry standards and certifications for security equipment, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and performance requirements.
How Turnstile with metal detector work? 
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