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Flap Barrier Gate MS02Y combines high security and aesthetics in this ultra-modern design. The top lid is fully customizable and can be replaced with artificial marble with various patterns and colors to fit your building.
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Where can I buy the turnstile:

Chinese Manufacturers: China is the largest producer of turnstiles in the world due to its demand for turnstiles as well as exports. As early as 2016, the Chinese government has been promoting the popularization of turnstiles and requires the installation of turnstiles in construction sites, schools, and communities. At the same time, China's turnstiles have also been selling very well in other countries due to their high quality and low price. For more inquiries, please click here.

American and European manufacturers: The gates were first used in Europe, so their products are both beautiful and practical, but the price is high.

Turnstile classification and price range:

1.Semi-automatic tripod turnstile: 250$-450$. Semi-automatic tripod turnstiles are the cheapest turnstiles. When the swipe card verification is successful, the internal electromagnet will automatically bounce. People need to push the swing arm to rotate by hand to pass. The semi-automatic tripod turnstile has a simple internal structure, is stable and reliable, and has a favorable price. It is the most popular product.

2. Fully automatic tripod turnstile: 360$-600$. The interior of the fully automatic tripod turnstile is composed of a motor, a clutch, an encoder, and a controller, which is driven by the motor to rotate the swing arm. When the swipe card verification is successful, people only need to push it gently with their hands, and the swing arm will automatically rotate. And when the person pulls the swing arm in reverse, the clutch will lock the swing arm from being pulled in the opposite direction. Due to its rigorous structure, fully automatic tripod turnstile is often used on occasions where anti-trailing is strictly prohibited, such as in scenic spots.

3.Brushed flap barrier: 350$-600$. The flap barrier is the most efficient turnstile. On high-traffic occasions, such as docks, flap barriers will be installed. Inside the brushed flap barrier is a belt driven by a brushed motor. The motor and belt will wear out after long-term use, and the belt and motor need to be replaced. The working life of the brushed flap barrier is 3 million times.

4.Brushless flap barrier: 400$-800$. Compared with the brushed flap barrier, the working life of the brushless flap barrier will be longer, usually 5 million times. Using a brushless motor, the motor has almost no loss, and no belt is required, which can greatly extend the service life and reduce after-sales costs.

5.swing barrier: 400$-700$. The maximum width of the swing barrier is 900mm, so it is often installed in places where wheelchairs and luggage need to be passed. The swing barrier has a good waterproof effect and can be installed outdoors.

6.Speed ​​gate: 700$-1000$. Speed ​​gate is the most fashionable turnstile, the shell is made of 2.0mm thick stainless steel after the gouging process. The opening time of the speed gate is only 0.2S, and it is installed in the lobby of hotels and office buildings.

7. Full height gate: 900$-1500$. The full-height gate covers a large area and is installed in places with high protection levels, such as the gates of factories and bases. Unauthorized people cannot climb over the full-height gates, and at the same time can block out the trailing people.

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How much is a turnstile gate? | Best Buying Guide

The best-selling turnstiles:

1. Tripod turnstile: Face-recognition-turnstile, Fingerprint-turnstile
2. Flap barrier:Flap-barrier-gate-p00034p1flap-barrier-turnstile-p00038p1
3. Swing barrier:Optical-turnstiles-p00029p1, Supermarket-turnstiles
4. Speed gate: Turnstile-entrance-p00065p1
5. Full height gate: Pedestrian-barrier-gate

how to choose the most effective and sutiable turnstiles barriers gates?

 Turnstiles Installation Guide:

Model No. MS02Y
Cabinet Material SUS304/316 stainless steel
Swing Material Plexi-glass or tempered glass
Unit Dimension(W*L*H) 1400*300*990mm
Passing Direction Uni-directional/Bi-directional
Photoelectric Sensor 4 pairs (2 for protecting children)
Passage Width 600/900mm
Opening/Closing 0.5 seconds
Flow Rate 35-40 person/min
Mechanism Brushless motor
Power Supply AC100-230V,50Hz
Voltage from the AC (100–240) V, 50/60 Hz
from a DC source 24 V
Application Indoor and outdoor(Shelter)
Working Temperature -25℃~+70℃
Operation Humidity 0 ~ 95% (No freeze)
MCBF 8,000,000 cycles
Anti-panic mode Automatically open when power off
Communication Dry contact, Relay signal, RS485
Flap Barrier Gate
Flexible configurations available optionally up on request.
01 Cabinet Material
Generally cabinets are made from brushed 304 stainless steel.
The following materials are also available:
02 Cabinet Anti-fingerprint process
Anti-fingerprint steel treatment is based on the original 304 stainless steel, after vacuum coating, forming a layer of bright protective film on the surface also has the function of anti-fingerprint.
03 Cabinet Colors
In addition to the primary color of stainless steel, you can also choose other colors, such as white, black, brown, etc., to make it more coordinated with your building.
04 Glass Etching
Support personalize glass barriers and side panels with etched artwork, logos or directions.
05 Panels Material
You can select plexi-glass or tempered glass for swing panels and/or filter panels.
06 Mechanism
Configured brushless motor by default.
You can choose to upgrade it with servo motor, make it perform even better beyond your expect.
High swing arm(ground clearance≥1.2meter) configured servo motor by default.
07 Custom Illumination
Besides regular LED indicator, static or dynamic lightings hidden in the glass panels are also optional ,which meets the different needs of various occasions.
*More options and customizations available on request.
QR code Turnstile
QR code Turnstile
As a professional access control product
Electronic Turnstile
Electronic Turnstile
As a professional access control product
Metro Turnstile
Metro Turnstile
As a professional access control product
Glass Security Turnstiles
Glass Security Turnstiles
As a professional access control product
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