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QR code access control system for Unmanned Store
The QR code access control system with speed gate is designed to  prevent theft, monitor foot traffic, and streamline operations without the need for constant physical oversight for unmanned convenient store. 

1. Entry: Customers enter the unmanned store as the turnstile automatically opens to welcome them.
2. Shopping: Customers independently select items in the absence of staff.
3. Self-Checkout: After selection, customers use a self-checkout kiosk to settle purchases and receive a receipt.
4. Receipt with Unique QR Code/Barcode: The receipt contains a unique QR code or barcode valid for the current day and is essential for exiting the store.
5. Turnstile Control: Exiting the store requires scanning the QR code or barcode on the receipt at the turnstile to unlock it.
6. One-time code: The QR code or barcode is designed for single-use only. If a customer attempts to scan the same code again, the turnstile will remain locked until payment for additional items is completed, 

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Work Process
Efficient Entry and Exit
Customers can swiftly enter and exit the store, reducing queues and waiting times, thus improving overall customer experience.
Reduced Labor Costs
With unmanned entry and exit, the need for dedicated staff to manage these processes is eliminated, leading to cost savings.
IReduction in Fraud and Theft
The controlled access system mitigates the risk of theft and reduces the potential for fraudulent activities, enhancing overall store security.
Seamless Integration
Enable seamless integration with payment systems to link customer transactions with their unique QR codes, facilitating accurate tracking of purchases and payments.
Enhanced Customer Engagement
Customers appreciate the convenience and modernity of a QR code access system, potentially leading to increased customer loyalty and positive brand perception.
Adaptability and Scalability
Adaptable and scalable, allowing for easy integration with existing infrastructure and the potential to expand to multiple stores or locations with minimal additional setup costs.
Data Logging and Analytics
Capable to log and analyze data related to customer entries and exits using QR codes, offering valuable information for store management and improvement of operations.
User-friendly Interface
Feature a user-friendly interface displaying clear instructions for customers on how to scan their QR codes for swift entry and exit from the unmanned store.
Remote Monitoring and Control
Provide remote monitoring and control features for store operators to oversee the access control gate system, troubleshoot issues, and make necessary adjustments without physical presence on-site.
How QR code/Barcode speed gate work for un? 
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