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esd turnstile gate anti static
What is a ESD turnstile?
ESD turnstile is a device that combines electrostatic detection and access control management. It is designed to detect whether employees' anti-static shoes and wrist straps are qualified, and it ensure that everyone does an anti-static test before entering the clean room and is only allowed to enter after passing the test.
In addition, according to customer needs, face recognition equipment, fingerprint recognition, QR code scanners, RFID card readers, etc. can be integrated to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the designated area.
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System Structure
esd turnstile gate system
Automatic identification of radio frequency card
The ESD control system uses radio frequency technology to retrieve the database personnel information in real-time, and quickly identify the person who swipes the card. If it is not registered in the system, entry will be rejected.
ESD test
ESD control system can quickly determine whether the electrostatic wrist strap, left foot electrostatic shoes, and right foot electrostatic shoes of the staff meet the requirements. Each turnstile gate can enter and exit bidirectionally, which greatly improves the passing rate.
Real-time data upload
Information of the people who into and out of the area and the ESD testing data will be uploaded to the management software in real-time through the TCP/IP network. Data can be sent to the designated mailbox by setting in advance.
LCD monitoring function
An LCD screen can be installed at the test site to display the information of staffs who failed the test and mark it in red for administrator and customers to view and verify at any time.
Unauthorized entry alert function
When there is no card or unauthorized personnel enter the turnstile gate, ESD control system
will immediately alert visually and  aurally.
Detailed report function
All access information and ESD test data will be recorded, such as time, name, entry or exit, and whether the ESD test passed. Users can inquire at any time and generate detailed reports.
Double verification
For application where need high security and strict ESD test standard, after both the card and ESD testing are verified, the turnstile gate will open.
Improve traffic efficiency
Compare with the traditional testing manually, ESD control system with turnstile gate will highly improve the traffic efficiency.
Support software and hardware customization
MACROSAFE has a professional R&D and after-sales team, which support customization based on your needs.

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