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Pedestrian Turnstile
Pedestrian Turnstile
Pedestrian Turnstile
Pedestrian Turnstile
Pedestrian Turnstile
Pedestrian Turnstile
Pedestrian Turnstile
Pedestrian Turnstile

Pedestrian Turnstile

Patent: MS10G
Pedestrian turnstile is a kind of gate that can effectively control the flow of people. By integrating with access control system, they can reliably allow registered access and deny unregistered access without security monitoring.
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What is pedestrian turnstile?

A pedestrian turnstile is a device that controls the passage of people through a controlled area, such as a faregate at a subway station. The turnstile allows people to pass through one at a time and usually requires a card, coin, token, or ticket to operate.

Compared with other forms of gates, pedestrian turnstiles are more flexible and compatible, and more beautiful. They support seamless connection with other access control systems, elevator control systems, and parking lot systems to ensure that visitors can experience the entire security system conveniently and quickly.


Pedestrian Turnstile Installation Guide:


Pedestrian Turnstile Variations:

Pedestrian turnstile gates with card reader, face recognition, fingerprint scanner, barcode scanner, etc, are all available.

When designing and manufacturing pedestrian turnstiles, Macrosafe takes into account the types of visitors, frequency of visits, and length of stay in different buildings. Therefore, Macrosafe provides an easy setting system for customers to set according to their needs.

Different heights including half high turnstile and full height pedestrian turnstiles are available. 

 5 purpose of pedestrian turnstiles

1. Control and monitor pedestrian traffic

Pedestrian turnstiles are used to create an orderly flow of people and keep track of the number of people entering or leaving a particular area.

2. Maintain security

Pedestrian turnstiles are used as a security measure to ensure that unauthorized personnel do not gain access to restricted areas.

3. Increase efficiency

Pedestrian turnstiles can help improve efficiency by reducing the amount of time it takes to enter or exit a particular area.
pedestrian turnstile

4. Reduce overcrowding

Pedestrian turnstiles can reduce the amount of overcrowding in an area, ensuring that people are not crowded together.

5. Promote safety

Pedestrian turnstiles can help promote safety by helping to reduce the risk of accidents and injury from overcrowding

Pedestrian Turnstile Dimension:

pedestrian turnstile dimension

What safety precautions should be taken when using a pedestrian turnstile?

1. Ensure that pedestrian security turnstile is properly secured and locked before use.
2. Do not stay in the passage of pedestrian security turnstile for a long time
3. Keep all body parts away from the turnstile mechanism.
4. Do not attempt to force the pedestrian turnstile open or close.
5. Do not attempt to climb or jump over the pedestrian turnstile.
6. Do not attempt to bypass the pedestrian turnstile mechanism by any means.
7. Be aware of the surroundings when using the pedestrian turnstile gate, as there may be obstacles or hazards that could cause injury.
8. Follow all instructions provided with the pedestrian turnstile gate, such as the use of keys or access codes.
9. Make sure that the pedestrian security turnstile is properly maintained and serviced as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
10. Do not leave any items or objects behind the pedestrian security turnstile

pedestrian turnstile gate
Model No. MS010G
Cabinet Material SUS304/316 stainless steel
Arm Material SUS304/316 stainless steel
Unit Dimension(W*L*H) 580*280*980mm
Passing Direction Uni-directional/Bi-directional
Photoelectric Sensor None
Passage Width 550mm
Opening/Closing 0.5 seconds
Flow Rate 30-35 person/min

Absorption of electromagnet/Motor

Power Supply AC100-230V,50Hz
Voltage from the AC (100–240) V, 50/60 Hz
from a DC source 24 V
Application Indoor and outdoor(Shelter)
Working Temperature -25℃~+70℃
Operation Humidity 0 ~ 95% (No freeze)
MCBF 8,000,000 cycles
Anti-panic mode Automatically open when power off
Communication Dry contact, Relay signal, RS485

Pedestrian Turnstile Features:

System operates with minimal noise and no mechanical impact;
One person must pass at a time to prevent tailgating.
Automatic reset function: if nobody enters within 5 seconds, the tripod arm will lock automatically (May be configured);
Smooth Tripod Arms having a low-noise system;
● Automatically lower the arm if power is lost;
Compatible with all kinds of access control systems;
Ticket Turnstile
Ticket Turnstile
As a professional access control product
Barcode Gate Entry System Turnstile
Barcode Gate Entry System Turnstile
As a professional access control product
Turnstile with Face Recognition
Turnstile with Face Recognition
As a professional access control product
Drop Arm Turnstile
Drop Arm Turnstile
As a professional access control product
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