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1. What is full height turnstile?
2. 5 Benefits of installating full height turnstiles for your buildings

3. What kind of applications need full height turnstile?
4. Packaging of full height turnstile
. 7 tips for buying ideal full height turnstiles at low cost
6. How to install full height turnstile?

One of our customers from the United Kingdom purchased Macrosafe full height turnstile MS02Q1 to install them at the entrance of the factory. The full-height turnstiles provide the highest security from floor to ceiling for places that need security without manned monitoring. It only allows one person to pass at a time, with absolutely no tailgating and unauthorized entry.
Full height turnsitle-Factory, UK
Full height turnsitle-Factory, UK

1. What is full height turnstile?

Full height turnstile is a kind of access control turnstile. Its unique feature is that the super high casing eliminates any possibility of climbing to ensure maximum safety. There are also different types of full height gates.

1. According to the height, it is divided into full height turnstile and half-height turnstile.

2. According to the shape of the rotating rod, three metal rotors with a difference of 120 degrees form a "Y" shape parallel to the horizontal plane, which becomes a 120-degree full-height turnstile. A cross-shaped parallel to the horizontal is formed by 4 metal rods with a difference of 90 degrees, forming a 90-degree full height turnstile.

3. From the number of channels, it is divided into the single passageway, dual passageways, three passageways, four passageways, etc.

  full height turnstilefull height turnstilefull height turnstile

2. 5 Benefits of installing full height turnstiles for your buildings

1. Highest level of security
With the from floor to ceiling design, Macrosafe full height turnstile provides the highest level of security without manned monitoring. And its 3-rotary(or 4-rotary) structure allows only one person to pass at a time, there will be an alarm if someone trails or entry without permission.

2. Robust structure with long service life
The robust structure and high-quality stainless steel materials of Macrosafe full height turnstiles provide the highest reliability and destructive resistance, ensuring that the turnstiles are not easily corroded or worn, and operate stably even in harsh environments for many years.

3. Easily integrated with any kind of access control system
Macrosafe full height turnstile shave unified and standard external electrical interface, which can be connected with various access control systems (such as biometric readers, RFID systems, fingerprint reader,s and QR code scanner), which is convenient for system integration and can realize remote control and management through the management computer.

4. Low maintenance
With heavy-duty design and reliable electronic control module, full-height turnstiles require extremely low maintenance which means saving your money for that.

5. Reduce labor cost
As mentioned above, full-height gates are provided from floor-to-ceiling security without security guard monitoring. Therefore, this can reduce the cost of hiring security guards and save operating expenses.

3. What kind of applications need full height turnstile?

Full height turnstile is an ideal choice for environments with high-security requirements, such as banks, prisons,plublic transportation, military management zones, chemical factories, construction sites, etc., full height gates can be linked with face recognition, iris recognition, etc., and can be completely eliminated for those who have not filed. To prevent crime from happening, it can also be connected with attendance and other systems to form a completely intelligent management platform. It can effectively manage incoming and outgoing staff and prevent the occurrence of crimes.

Full height turnstiles are ideal for situations where absolute height security is required, but in other places, half-height turnstiles are a better choice. Like offices, playgrounds, commercial lobbies, hotels, gyms, retail stores, airports, customs, and border control, etc., they need access and traffic control rather than isolated security control.

4. Packaging of full height turnstile

In order to prevent damage during transportation, all turnstiles are packed in wooden boxes.
Packaging of full height turnstile

5. 7 tips for buying ideal full height turnstiles at low cost

Compared to the full-height turnstiles of 10 years ago, today's turnstiles have more styles, functions, and add-on configurations. With so many gate styles and suppliers on the market, how should you choose to find the most suitable one?
Don't worry, Macrosafe turnstile experts provide you with 7 tips to help you find the ideal full height turnstile at the lowest cost.


1. To know the raw material of full height turnstiles

Many suppliers try to entice customers with unreasonably low prices, and if you encounter one, don't be in a hurry to pay right away. Please ask about the raw materials they use for their turnstiles, as we have found that some suppliers make full height turnstiles with 201 stainless steel instead of 304 stainless steel in order to offer super low prices. And that can't be found just from the looks.

However, the rust and corrosion resistance of 201 stainless steel is much lower than that of 304 stainless steel, and most of the full-height gates are used outdoors, which are directly exposed to scabies and rainwater, which causes the gates to quickly appear rust spots and even be corroded by rainwater.

As a leading gate manufacturer, Macrosafe has been exporting full height turnstiles for over 10 years. Whether for contractors, distributors, or end users, we can always provide the most suitable solution based on your requirements.
Affordable price, sturdy design, 2-year warranty. The professional one-to-one after-sales service team provides you with technical support, and you have nothing to worry about. All you need to do is contact us right now and get the proposal for free.

6. How to install full height turnstile?

Some people who are buying full height gates for the first time, they may be worried if it is difficult to install. Does it need a professional to do it? In fact, the installation of the turnstile is much simpler than you might think, please watch the video below for the specific steps.