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Flap Barrier Gates: The Ultimate Guide to Types, Cost, Install & Use

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flap barrier

1. What is flap barrier? 

Flap barrier  is also called flap barrier turnstile and flap barrier gate, which is one of the security gates that is used to control crowds automatically. It allows pedestrians to pass in an orderly manner, and refuse unauthorized persons to enter specific areas. Besides, it can be combined with face recognition, fingerprint readers, QR code scanners, and other access control devices.

Flap barrier can be opened and closed quickly, with absolutely no tailgating due to the sensitive photoelectric sensor, in addition, the aesthetic design provides a friendly user experience. Therefore, it is now widely used in airports, subway stations, fitness centers, amusement parks, construction sites, retail stores, schools, office buildings, etc.

2. Flap Barrier Price: How Much Should You Pay?

Flap barrier price vary depending on the manufacturer, features, and quality. Basic flap barrier can cost $300 to $1,000. Remember to consider installation and maintenance costs and choose a reputable manufacturer.

With over 10 year experience,Macrosafe offer flap barrier at a reasonable and competitive price without compromising on quality, making it an affordable option for businesses of all sizes. Welcome to contact us for ideal pricing or check these flap barriers for more information.

flap barrier   flap barrier turnstile   flap barrier gate
      Flap Barrier Gate MS02Y                              Flap Barrier Turnstile MS06Y                                Flap Barrier MS08Y  

3. Top Considerations When Purchasing Flap Barriers

In this guide, we will discuss top considerations when purchasing a flap barrier that will help you make an informed decision.

1. Security and Durability
The main factors affecting the security and durability of a flap barrier are: 
  ●Mechanism - it determines the gate's operation speed and quality.
  ●Materials - material used for construction affect its plasticity and cost. 
  ●Infrared sensor- The number of infrared sensors affects security and flexibility. High-end manufacturers prioritize safety by using additional sensors and anti-pinch strips.
2. Types of Flap Barriers
There are various types of flap barriers available in the market. The most common types include full-height and waist-high. Before purchasing, consider the type of security you require and choose a barrier that meets your needs.
3. Integration with Access Control Systems
To enhance security and convenience, it is recommended to choose a flap barrier that integrates with your access control system. This enables you to control who enters and exits your building and keep track of their movements.
4. Ease of Use
A good flap barrier should be easy to use for both staff and visitors. It should be intuitive for visitors to use and easy for your staff to manage.
5. Customizable Options
Depending on your needs, customize the flap barrier options available to you. Customization options include the material, color, and size of the barrier.
6. Service and Support
Choose a reputable supplier that offer a warranty and provides excellent customer support. You want to choose a supplier that will provide help and support should any issues arise with your flap barrier.

By considering the factors listed above, you can ensure that you select a reliable and effective flap barrier that will meet your needs for years to come.

4. Where to Buy Ideal Flap Barrier At Affordable Price?

If you are looking for an ideal flap barrier at an affordable price, Macrosafe would be one of your best choice. As we have been specialize in manufacturing turnstile gates for over 10 years. 

And Macrosafe  also have distributors in many countries, don't hesitate to contact us to check with your local distributor about availability and installation services. We are
 now seeking additional international distributors for worldwide distribution opportunities. If you are interested in becoming an International Distributor for Macrosafe, please contact us now.
flap barrier gate work shop

5. How Flap Barrier Work: An Inside Look

Flap barriers are a common sight at various entry points, especially in public places like airports, museums, and government buildings. But have you ever wondered how these gates work? In this article, we will look inside into the workings of flap barrier, explaining how they operate and keep security tight.

A Flap barrier is made of two retractable flaps that rotate in opposite directions. These flaps are attached to a central post, similar to a revolving door. The gate is electronically operated and detects the presence of a person by using motion sensors. When a person approaches the flap barrier and stands in front of it, the sensors detect their presence, and the flaps begin to rotate.

As the flaps rotate, they create a barrier that blocks any unauthorized access. People can only enter when they have a valid access pass card or ticket that is used to trigger the gate's opening system. These cards or tickets contain a magnetic strip, QR code, or RFID chip that the gate's reader scans. Now people prefer biometric readers such as fingerprint and face recogntion cameras due to their high efficiency. Once the reader detects a valid pass, it sends a signal to the motor, which opens the gate.

fingerprint flap barrier gateface recognition flap barrier gate

With pairs of sensitive infrared sensors, the system also has an anti-tailgating feature that prevents unauthorized entry. If a person tries to follow closely behind another person, the system detects the proximity and generates an alarm signal. The alarm automatically closes the flaps, preventing the unauthorized person from entering.
flap barrier
Flap barriers also have a fail-safe mechanism that ensures they remain operational even during power outages. They have a manual release system that allows authorized personnel to reopen the flaps in case of a power failure. This system also ensures smooth evacuation during emergencies, preventing any stampede or overcrowding.

In conclusion, flap barrier gates work by using motion sensors to detect a person's presence and they have a mechanism that ensures that only authorized personnel can enter. They are operated electronically and have a fail-safe mechanism that ensures smooth operation even during power failures. Flap barrier gates are an important aspect of security, providing a tight and efficient mechanism to control access to sensitive areas.

6. Pros & Cons of Flap Barrier Gates

1. Effective Access Control: Flap barrier gates provide effective access control since only one person can pass through the gate at a time, unlike swing or sliding gates where multiple people can enter at the same time.
2. High Throughput: Flap barrier gates allow 40-45 people to pass per minute which  are ideal for high-traffic areas compared to other turnstile gates.
2. Strong Security Feature: Flap barrier gates come with strong security features such as sensors that detect if someone is crawling under or jumping over the barrier.
4. Customizable to Specific Security Needs: Flap barrier gates can be customized to specific security needs such as facial recognition technology or ID scanning to enhance security measures.

1. Limited passageway: Normally flap barrier gates provides 600mm passageway, which is not suitable for handicap.
2. Space required: Flap barrier gates require a large space than swing barrier and speed gates.
3. Power Outage Issues: During a power outage, flap barrier gates may not work correctly, which could cause a security breach or disrupt normal operations. 

Overall, flap barrier gates can be an effective security solution for areas that require access control and have limited space. However, their high cost and limited throughput may make them unsuitable for high-traffic areas, and regular maintenance and power outage issues may increase operating costs.

7. Complete Guide To Flap Barrier Installation

New users may worry about flap barrier installation and need a professional technician to configure the turnstile. Fortunately, Macrosafe offers a hassle-free installation experience. The product comes with most wiring already completed and with easy-to-follow instructions. Macrosafe's technical service team is also available 24/7 to provide professional help. This means anyone can install Macrosafe's flap barrier gates without needing to hire a professional technician.

Flap barrier installation can be divided into three steps, determining the position, pre-embedding the cable, and wiring the controller. The following is the detailed description:

Step #1:  Determine the installation position of flap barrier gates
1. Place the flap barrier gates in order according to the arrows and numbers on the top cover of them;
2. First, connect the power supply of the two flap barrier gates to make the acrylic panels run to the off state, then align the acrylic flaps so that they are on the same line, the distance between them is generally 3CM to 5CM;
2. Need to test whether the infrared is aligned;
3. Mark on the ground with a pen at the center of the screw hole of the base and the edge of the chassis base;

4. Next, remove flap barrier gates and drill vertically into the marked screw holes. Size and depth should match expansion screw requirements (usually 9cm long M12 expansion screws).
flap barrier installationflap barrier installation
Step #2:. Cable pre-buried
1. On the ground between the two gates, delineate the position to be slotted and buried, and then excavate the cable trench;
2. Put a suitable wiring pipe (usually PVC pipe) in the dug line trench, and pass through the power cord and connection line required by the equipment. It is recommended to separate the strong and weak cables into two pipes;

flap barrier installationflap barrier installation
3. Only one three core cable is required between the two turnstiles;
4. After all the lines are laid out, move the device to its original position, drive in the expansion screws and fasten the screws.

Step #3: Controller wiring
1. Connect the power cable of the equipment according to the wiring diagram provided by our company;
2. If the equipment needs to be equipped with other access control systems (such as facial recognition camera, fingerprint readers, ticketing system, etc.), the output signal line of the access control system needs to be connected to turnstile controller LR-R, LP-L and GND;

3. Connect the pre-buried three-core cable to the master controller and slave controller to complete all wiring work.
4. Then turn on the power, flap barrier gate will start self-test, and it can work after the test is completed.
Flap barrier installation is done!


8. Precautions For Use And Daily Maintenance Of Flap Barrier Gate

The following guidelines must be observed when using pedestrian passage gates:

flap barrier gate india

1. Users must not forcefully push the acrylic panels of the flap barrier gate before the pass indicator turns green to avoid disrupting its normal operations.

2. To prevent damage to the equipment, leaning on the acrylic panels of the flap barrier gate when not in use is strictly prohibited.

3. Some of the flap barrier gates should not be used in open-air or humid and corrosive environments, as this may affect its service life. If used outdoors, a canopy must be added.

4. Users must pass through the flap barrier gate promptly and avoid staying in its working area to ensure the smooth flow of people.

5. People must not be in the working area of the gate when it is powered off, as sudden swinging of arms may cause harm when the device is turned back on.

6. The flap barrier gate should not be used during lightning in outdoor settings to prevent equipment damage.

7. The system's protective ground wire must be reliably connected to prevent personal accidents.

8. The equipment's outer casing, made of matte stainless steel, should be cleaned with a soft fabric periodically to maintain its neat appearance. Scrubbing with hard objects and washing with water must be avoided to prevent short circuits and equipment damages.

9. All parts of the flap barrier gate must be checked regularly for loose nuts, screws, and other fasteners. Tightening them promptly prevents malfunctions due to long-term operations.

10. Checking the connection of the system's protective ground wire should be done regularly to ensure its reliable access.

11. Regular checks of connection points and connectors of connection lines must be performed to ensure reliable connections.

12. Dust must be regularly cleaned on both the inside and outside of the chassis. Lubricating oil should also be used on the mechanism to keep it running smoothly.


9. Top 5 most popular flap barrier gates for sale

● TOP 1 MS02Y-- Most Amazing Design 

Streamlined design, beautiful acrylic top cover, reinforced movement structure, silent operation for high traffic volume, etc. are the reasons why MS02Y is the most popular flap barrier gate.
flap barrier gate indiaflap barrier gate india

TOP 2 MS01Y-- King of the cost performance

If your budget is limited and you are looking for an entry-level flap barrier gate, the MS01Y is undoubtedly your best choice. With a favorable price, simple installation and use, it is a very friendly product for beginners.

affordable flap barrier gate indiaflap barrier gate india canteen

TOP 3 MS03Y-- Slim Design, Powerful Features

Semi-circular front and rear design, much more slender cabinets with a smaller footprint, color-changing LED indicators and it allows a high throughput of 40-45 people per second. Are these reasons not enough to make MS03Y one of the most popular flap barrier gates?
flap barrier gate for exhibition hall in india

TOP 4 MS05S-- Higher Glass Higher Security 

Are you concerned about unauthorized users climbing over turnstiles? The MS05S can help you solve this problem, and the glass up to 1.6 meters can absolutely prevent climbing. MS05S uses the latest servo motor drive scheme, and strengthens the thickened structure to ensure smooth and smooth operation even in commercial buildings, factories, gyms and other public places.
flap barrier turnstile

TOP 5 MS04Y-- Unique Is My Definition

When you are tired of the flap barrier gate styles on the market and are looking for a unique design, then you must not miss MS04Y. The black acrylic on the front and rear add a sense of mystery, and there are flowing green arrow indicators on it to give users intuitive instructions. With a brushless motor drive solution, the MS04Y flap barrier gate provides 8 million service life. Moreover, the waterproof structure design of the whole machine means that it can be used indoors and outdoors.
flap barrier gateflap barrier gate india office


10. How Does The Turnstile Protect Users From Being Pinched?

1. Use flexible materials as baffles
Flap barrier gate, commonly known as fastlane, opens and closes quickly and has a small contact area when clipping people. After the flexible material is used, even if people are clamped, the door leaf will shrink to a certain extent to ensure that the force will not be too great.

2. Multi-point optical detection
Install multiple pairs of optical sensors in the upper and lower areas of the aisle to immediately stop the door closing when someone is detected in the aisle. This is what we often call infrared anti-pinch, especially for places where children come and go, such as schools and playgrounds Etc., the anti-pinch infrared must be increased and distributed reasonably.

flap barrier

3. Design of tripping mechanism
If the user stays in the channel, the flap barrier gate will give a voice alarm to prompt the user to exit. When the shutter encounters an obstacle on the way of closing the door, the acylic panels mechanism automatically trips and stops the closing action. This is mechanical anti-pinch. Macrosafe's upgraded flap barrier gates all have mechanical anti-pinch to further protect user safety. Combined with infrared anti-pinch, double protection is achieved.


11. Flap Barriers: Protecting Your Premises with Style

Flap barrier gates are a type of entrance control system designed to restrict access to a particular area. With these sleek and stylish gates, you can use access cards, RFID readers, or biometric readers to open the motorized barriers. Flap barrier gates protect premises while adding a stylish touch.

benefits of flap barrier gates

1. Enhanced Security - Flap barrier gates ensure that only authorized personnel are granted access to specific areas. Criminals who attempt to break in or unauthorized individuals who try to gain access into a restricted area will be denied entry, thereby considerably minimizing the risk of theft and loss.
2. Aesthetically Pleasing - Flap barrier gates come in different colors and designs, making them a great addition to any premises. The modern design, combined with the latest technology, adds elegance to the entrance of your building or property.

3. Reliable Access Control - With the use of modern access control technologies such as access cards, biometric readers, or RFID, flap barrier gates guarantee accurate and reliable authentication of individuals who seek access to restricted areas. Unlike traditional locking systems, flap barriers provide a higher level of security since they can detect attempted violations of the gate.

4. Durable and Low Maintenance - Flap barrier gates are robustly designed and can withstand heavy traffic even in high-security areas, such as airports or banks. They are also easy to maintain, which makes them a long-term investment.

5. Cost-Effective - Compared to manned control points, flap barrier gates are the most cost-effective way of securing areas. Investing in an automated entrance control system that operates 24/7, reduces the need for additional security personnel, thereby resulting in significant long-term savings.

In conclusion, flap barrier gates offer an excellent solution for individuals and businesses that are looking for enhanced security while maintaining an attractive entrance to their premises. Investing in the best flap barrier gate guarantees not only security but also ease of maintenance and long-term cost savings.

12. Office Building Security: Flap Barriers Vs Revolving Doors?

Flap barriers and revolving doors are popular choices for controlling access and ensuring security in many different environments. Here are some of their differencess that you might care for when making decision.

   flap barriers vs revolving doors
1. Cost: Flap barriers are much less expensive than revolving doors. Revolving door costs from $5,000 to $20,000 while flap barrier only costs $300 to $1,000, not including installation and maintenance costs.
2. Traffic volume: Flap barriers can handle higher traffic volume, especially during peak hours. On the other hand, revolving doors are less efficient in handling large crowds.
3. Space required: Flap barriers require much less space than revolving doors. They are great for facilities with limited space.
4. Security: Flap barriers provide better security compared to revolving doors. With optical sensors, they are designed to prevent tailgating and unauthorized entry.
5. Convenience: Flap barriers offer more convenience to users since they open and close fast. Users don't have to wait for a long time like in a revolving door.
6. Safety: Flap barriers have better safety features such as emergency stop buttons, sensor beams, and anti-trap mechanisms.
7. Maintenance: Flap barriers require less maintenance than revolving doors. They have fewer components that require repair or replacement.
8. Aesthetics: Flap barriers are available in different colors and designs, which means they can blend in with any office décoration while revolving doors have limited design options.

In conclusion, based on the above aspects of comparison, flap barriers are more worth investing in compared to revolving doors for office building security.

13. Why Transportation Hubs mostly use flap barriers rather than other turnstile gates?

Most Transportation hubs such as airport, metro station, railway station all around the world have been turning to flap barrier gates as a secure and sophisticated means of access control. Here are some reason why transportation hubs prefer flap barrier rather than other types of turnstile gate:
transportation hubs flap barrier gate

1. Increased Security: Flap barriers provide a greater degree of security compared to other types of turnstile. Equipped with advanced otpical sensors they completely block the passage of unauthorized individuals, preventing tailgating and forced entry.
2. Controlled Access: Flap barriers are generally equipped with advanced access control systems, which provide better control over who enters and exits the facility. This helps to enhance security measures and decrease the possibility of criminal activity.
3. Speed and Efficiency: Flap barriers are known for their fast and efficient operation, providing quick access of 40-50 person per minute.
4. Space-Saving Design: Flap barriers are compact and slim, which makes them ideal for use in busy transportation hubs and other high-traffic areas where space is limited. 
5. Superior Aesthetics: Flap barriers have a modern and sleek design that complements the decor of transportation hubs and other modern buildings. 

14. Addressing accessibility concerns with flap barriers

While standard flap barriers typically offer a 600mm wide passage, which is insufficient for handicapped persons, it is important to comply with accessibility standards like the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) to provide equal access to everyone.

According to ADA compliance guidelines, the
min. clear width of the gate should be 32 inches (815mm). However, there is good news. Macrosafe has developed an accessible flap barrier solution that provides a clear width of 900mm, surpassing the min. requirements set forth by the ADA.
handicapp flap barrier
By implementing Macrosafe's accessible flap barriers, businesses and public spaces can ensure a more inclusive environment that accommodates individuals with disabilities. These wider passages allow individuals using wheelchairs, walkers, or other mobility aids to navigate through the barriers comfortably and safely.

In addition to complying with accessibility regulations, incorporating Macrosafe's accessible flap barriers also sends a positive message about an organization's commitment to inclusivity and equal access for all. It is important to consider the specific needs and requirements of individuals with disabilities when designing and installing such access control systems.

15. Flap barriers and their impact on queuing and waiting times

When considering implement turnstile gates at the entrance of buildings or facilities, we have many choices: tripo turnstiles, swing barrier and flap barriers. Due to different considerations, our final choices will be different. But when you requires faster traffic, the flap barrier is the first choice.

Flap barrier allows 45-55 person to pass through per min. The design of flap barriers typically includes retractable flaps or wings that rotate or swing open when authorized access is granted. This design allows for a smoother and more streamlined process, reducing the time individuals spend waiting in queues. 

By choosing flap barriers, building or facility owners can significantly improve the flow of foot traffic, minimizing congestion and reducing waiting times. This can be particularly beneficial in high-traffic areas such as airports, train stations, or crowded event venues where quick and efficient movement is essential.

Additionally, flap barriers often include advanced features such as sensors and automatic recognition systems that further enhance the speed and accuracy of access control. These additional functionalities contribute to a faster and more seamless experience for users, further reducing queuing and waiting times.


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